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This section is dedicated to the amazing foxes we have got to spend time with. The foxes listed here are no longer with us and will always be looking down over the sanctuary.


Color Phase: Moonglow

Odin is one of our newest adult fur farm rescue. Working together with SAVEAFOX RESCUE, we were able to take in three adult fur farm foxes. Odin was one of those foxes. He has some feet issues, which is partly why we took him. He would never receive proper veterinarian care on the fur farm. Once we got him to the Vet for care, his little body was too sick with infections to pull through. Odin has been the sanctuaries' first loss since relocated to Michigan. It was very hard on the are takers as we wanted to shower him with love. But he didn’t’ die on the fur farm and that’s what matters the most. He had a name, he was loved and he died surrounded by that. 

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