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Jolene is our little bobbed tail girl and our forever looking kit. Most people who see her in person think she is still a baby, especially next to Hank her mate. Jolene was born on a fur farm, she was born with no guard hairs. Guard hairs are the topcoat that make the foxes fur thicker and is also a valuable part of the fur industry. On top of that, due to the small and close conditions that these fur farm foxes are kept another fox bite her tail, injuring her. The farmer didn’t want to waste money on her, so he thankfully reached out to SAVEAFOX RESCUE, where she was taken to a Veterinarian, where it was determined the only way to stop the spread of infection was amputating her tail. Which is why now she is our cute little bobbed tail girl Jolene. Her mate is Hank and she is so in love with him, most days you will find her lounging a top of him.

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