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Color Phase: MoonGlow

Moby was born on a fur farm, and due to the horrible stress, the mother foxes are on, it is not uncommon for them to accidentally or intentionally harm their babies.  Which is what happened to Moby, his mother over groomed him on one side, causing hair loss, and horrible open wound. SAVEAFOX RESCUE took him in at a few days old kit. At that time all Moby did was cry, until he was six weeks old, continuously. Once he grew out of that crying, he began to behave as a normal kit. Then when he was ready, he was adopted to a family from SAVEAFOX. The family had Moby for over a year, then went through some changes and abruptly brought him back to SAVEAFOX. Foxes are very sensitive creatures and this sudden change in life really affected him. So it was decided that the best place for Moby would be a for sure permanent, loving, right home, he came here to us. We have given him his very best friend and mate Wila, she really opened him up. Wila is one of the friendliest foxes here at Foxes Journey Sanctuary. Now Moby enjoys treats, his tunnel, and playing with Wila. 

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