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Color Phase: Pearl Cross

Skip is one of two of our youngest foxes here, he and his brother Luke just turned one-year-old April 2020. Skips' mom was a fur farm fox, who was taken in by another fox rescue, Northern Neverland Rescue, also located in Michigan. Once the babies were born, she wasn’t being a very good fox mom, and she was trying to bury her babies. This is not uncommon for foxes who come from fur farms to behave this way. The owner of Northern Neverland stepped in and began bottle raising Luke and Skip. When they were three weeks old they came to live with us, where they were bottle raised babies, inside the house until they went through puberty at six months old. Now they have a very happy, playful life together, they are bonded brothers and therefor will remain together. We love our little troublemakers.

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