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Color Phase: Pearl

Tinsel has a unique story and connection to us here, to one of our co-founders Jenny. Tinsel is the biological sister to her first and personal fox, Axel. They were both born on a fur farm, their mother rejected them and refused to feed them. But by doing so, she saved their lives. They were rescued by SAVEAFOX RESCUE at 3 days old and when Tinsel was six months old, she was adopted to a great family in Mississippi, but recently the state passed a new law banning foxes as pets. They reached out and the tough decision had to be made to move Tinsel to a legal state. Of course, we jumped at the chance have Tinsel here she, after all, was already family. Tinsel now has a mate with Quintin, and she is a vocal girl. She is the alert fox in the yard, she lets all the other foxes know when new people or animals are around. We love Tinsel and we’re so happy so found her home here with us. 

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