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Color Phase: Pearl


Wila is a special girl for many reasons, she is an owner surrender. Who came from a very loving home, but she lived in Virginia where it is not legal to own foxes as pets without a board approved permit. Wila was the littermate to one of our co-founders Dan, the first fox ever Crash. Crash passed away two years ago when he gave his life to save his fellow foxes from a black widow spider bite. When Wila’s owner reached out and said that she came from Frazier Farm and the birth date, it was fate that we knew her new forever home would be with Foxes Journey Sanctuary. Wila and our co-founder Jenny, bonded very quickly and close. Wila was a house fox for the first few months she arrived. She enjoyed being inside and sleeping with Jenny and the dogs. But once Moby arrived and we knew he needed a mate who was friendly and would help him come out his shell, Wila was that fox. Wila and Moby are perfect mates together and she loves him, but always must get her one on one time with Jenny. Wila loves people, treats, dogs, and her elephant baby toy and Moby. 

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